October Food News You Can Use

We’re back to share a selection of the science & food news that caught our eyes recently.

Childhood Obesity

In 1975 there were 11 million obese children and adolescents in the USA. Now there are 124 million. This is more than a 10x increase. Additionally, 213 more children and adolescents were overweight in 2016.
The good news is: increases in obesity are starting to level off in the USA. Childhood obesity predisposes you to adult obesity, and the many health consequences that accompany it, including an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. This burdens not only individuals and their wallets, but the entire health-care system.
The bad news is: obesity is rising in the developing world, as is malnutrition. Not coincidentally, Dr. Roberts has been studying both issues for many years, and has been conducting research and nutrition interventions on the African continent, with a particular focus on solving childhood malnutrition and developmental delays.
(As reported in The Lancet and by CNN) http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/10/health/child-adolescent-obesity-global-increase/index.html

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We love this fun slide show. Thirst can make you feel hungry, tired, forgetful and irritated. It can even bring on a migraine. Drinking enough water helps your heart work better, reduces the chance of kidney stones and kidney infections, and cushions your joints. Learn even more here:

How to Stay Full

We live in a world of excessive food variety and availability, stress and mindless eating. This article contains great tips on choosing foods that satisfy in both the short and long-term to keep you full and reduce mindless snacking.

Fiber 101: Soluble, Insoluble, and Prebiotic Fiber Info

This is a nice explanation of the various types of fibers in food, and how to get them. Fiber provides a wealth of health benefits, including keeping your digestive system working smoothly and helping you stay full longer.
Keep in mind that even if you see lots of fiber on the label, if it’s been broken down and refined first (e.g.: inulin) then it won’t be as effective at keeping you full as whole fibers such as wheat bran or legumes.

How Long to Form New Habits?

It can take between 3 weeks and a year to form a new habit. So don’t beat yourself up if you try some new diet hacks and have trouble sticking to them. Simple behaviors with easy triggers — like flossing before bed — can be easily learned. But complex, psychologically challenging habits — like replacing an ice cream habit — can take much longer. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just how the mind works. Read more here:

Hate Cooking? You’re not Alone.

Harvard Business Review dives into the demographics of cooking and shopping. TLDR: not a lot of people really, really love cooking. If you do, you are in the upper 10%. Luckily, there are many convenience foods compatible with weight control, and iDiet provides shopping guidelines and formulas for choosing them. Additionally, our EasyPlans are built around “throw-together” and convenience meals, so you can completely avoid serious cooking if you prefer.

Even an Expensive Diet can Save You Money.

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the double-whammy of medical costs and lost productivity from illness, pain and injury can take a serious toll for those who fall into the obese BMI category. The savings range from $17,000 to over $30,000 depending on factors such as age and starting weight. It kind of makes that box of higher-fiber cereal look like a better deal…

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