It’s complicated food science boiled down to easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes.

The key to the iDiet is optimizing different types of dietary fibers, protein, the glycemic index of carbohydrates, food volume and fat meal by meal and snack by snack.
As Dr. Roberts says: “We’ve collapsed advanced nutrition science down into really simple, doable, delicious menus. So all you have to do as a program participant is follow the menus. Once you learn by example how it all works, you can begin to substitute your own favorite foods.”
Menus designed around the neurobiology of eating have been a big success, not only in leading to substantial weight loss but in creating new habits that are maintained by satisfaction and enjoyment. A “virtuous circle” is created and a new way of eating becomes a lifelong practice.
Aleks lost weight on the iDiet three years ago and continues to enjoy the food.

“It’s something that once you learn to do, it’s a habit that you have, then you just do it, it’s part of life. It’s part of your lifestyle. The iDiet was great in helping me lose 35 pounds, but it also focuses on making sure that you have the tools and resources to maintain your weight loss and the lifestyle you’ve learned.”


The typical iDieter loses significant weight and keeps it off because they’ve learned skills for permanent weight control. Even when they’ve lost more weight than they ever have on other diets, they say “it’s not a diet” and find the iDiet an easy, enjoyable process.

Click this preview to see a sample menu:
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