Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cream Bites

Ok, let’s be honest here – nobody actually wants to diet on Valentine’s Day, but on the other hand it is not very romantic to feel like you lost control and gained weight.
These Chocolate Cream Bites are a great solution! iDieters found these treats to be delicious, talking about them in groups for weeks after. Five of these sweet goodies are only 100 calories – its great portion control without any loss of enjoyment!
chocolate cream bites in filo cups
1 package of filo dough –
½ oz melted butter for each 3 sheets you use (this makes 25-35 bites)
Mini muffin tin (24 muffins per tin).
Put parchment paper on counter. Lay on 3 sheets of filo. Brush melted butter lightly over top sheet, turn over the 3 sheets together and brush the new top sheet. But sure to only use the amount of butter specified in the recipe, and spread it thinly. If there is any butter left over lift up the sheets and dab the inside ones. Cut 2.5” squares and push gently into the mini-muffin tins. Most tins hold 24 mini muffins so you will be making them in batches. Cook 350F for 7-10 minutes but watch carefully so they are lightly browned, not white and not overbrowned. Remove and cool on wire rack. You can freeze them at this stage for a week or two if carefully wrapped.
Filling 1:
(easy and very good)
2 tsp Low fat cool whip per ‘bite’
Filling 2:
(pretty easy and very very good)
1.5 tsp custard (recipe follows).
2 cup 1% milk
3.5 tablespoons Birds Custard powder (available
on line or sometimes at Wholefoods)
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon no-calorie sweetener
Mix a little milk with the custard powder. Bring remaining milk and sugar to boil, add the milk-custard mix and stir for 30 sec while it cooks. Allow to cool before use. Makes 2 cup = 96 teaspoons.
• Raspberries or small pieces fresh pineapple or strawberry slice partially dipped in melted dark chocolate and allowed to cool. Dip the fruit in the melted chocolate so about half is covered. Allow to cool and store covered before use. Use 1 raspberry, blueberry, piece pineapple or piece strawberry per bite. These can only be kept a day, so do in the 24 h before serving. Alternatively, you can place the fruit in the filling, then place a dollop of melted chocolate on top, as we have done in the photo above.
• Defrost the bites if you stored them, and fill when cold but quite defrosted. At last minute before serving place the chocolate fruit on top.
Nutrition Information per bite:
17 calories
0.4 grams fat
2.4 grams carbohydrate
0.4 grams protein
0.1 grams fiber

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