We get you practicing and repeating new behaviors so that they become comfortable old habits.

The iDiet has an array of simple behavioral strategies based on advanced psychological research to help you make weight loss sustainable. From how to deal with triggers and cravings so that they disappear over time, to strategies for making the challenges of vacations and holidays a thing of the past, we get you practicing and repeating the new behaviors so that they become comfortable old habits within a remarkably short period of time.

Control Those Cravings

Most of us — up to 90% of men and women — have food cravings that interfere with weight control. The iDiet can claim an unrivaled record of helping our dieters wrestle their cravings under control.
We do this through a combination of superior hunger control and smart behavioral strategies. Walking around feeling unsatisfied after a meal is actually a major contributor to food cravings. However, simply eating iDiet meals and snacks for two weeks is enough to reduce cravings to manageable levels in most dieters. For iDieters who have suffered from severe cravings, our Advanced Craving Reduction Program combining behavioral strategies with food timing helps them gain even more control over something that had previously ruled their life.

“The I Diet helped me to curb my cravings. I am completely satisfied with my legal foods and whenever I am around the foods that aren’t legal, I take a moment, remember what they tasted like and move on. I am not tempted by these foods as I keep myself satiated and surround myself with legal food choices.”
– Lauren

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