Easy iDiet Chocolate Croissant

1 Serving
This is another deceptively rich iDiet treat that will help you feel full and satisfied at the same time. You can have chocolate and bread for breakfast, while losing weight! Make sure you use a high-fiber, low-carb tortilla — this increases satiety and keeps calories low.

1 iDiet Legal tortilla such as Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Tortilla, or Fiber One brand 80-Calorie Wraps
30 calories of 63% to 80% dark chocolate chips, or the same amount of chocolate bar broken into small pieces. (ex. 7 or 8 dark chocolate chips)
Sugar substitute or ¼ teaspoon sugar, if desired

  1. Heat the tortillas either in a sandwich maker, iron pan or microwave.
  2. Place the chocolate chips across half of the hot tortilla and fold over the other half so all the chocolate is covered.
  3. If your chocolate is very dark (eg: greater than 70%), add a sprinkle of sugar (1/4 teaspoon) or other sweetener to taste.
  4. Allow chocolate to melt for a few seconds, fold the tortilla in half again and enjoy while warm.
  5. Have one as a snack, or have two as a delicious breakfast with a serving of fruit, like strawberries or a small orange.

Vegetarian, Suitable for High Blood Pressure, Suitable for High Cholesterol, Suitable for Diabetics
iDiet Chocolate Croissant Recipe

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