There are three interconnected sections of the human brain that Dr. Roberts likes to call our “food brain.”

  1. Hypothalamus – the Hunger/Satiety center of the brain that integrates signals and senses from our body and then gives us sensations of being hungry or being full and satisfied.
  2. Orbiofrontal Cortex – the Taste Pleasure center of the brain that recognizes the different tastes of food and “connects the dots” to what we enjoy.
  3. Midbrain – the Reward center of the brain that releases neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, that make us feel good.

With the iDiet, Dr. Roberts offers us a way to be the conductor in our own “symphony” of signals from our “food brain”. By carefully controlling the composition, timing and number of our meals and snacks, we can affect the way the brain reacts to our diet. As iDieters testify, it’s a powerful control method that eliminates all of the many hardships of conventional methods of weight loss. iDieters lose weight at the maximum healthy rate for their body, without hunger, and while eating real, satisfying food.
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