The iDiet Food Plan

The iDiet food plan is based on the integration of principles from nutrition, psychology and neurobiology. Dr. Roberts has taken her deep knowledge of all three disciplines and created easy-to-follow menus, delicious no-cook meals and simple recipes that allow us to manage our food instincts.
Dr. Roberts also happens to be a great cook!


“Through high school I worked the evenings in a restaurant. I was a professional chef on vacations when I was in college.”


“Today, I’m a working mother as well as a scientist, so I’ve kept my recipes simple. None of them require hours of cooking. Many can be frozen so that you’ve got spare dinners for another night.”


Dr. Roberts has adapted recipes for common, comforting foods that iDieters would really miss if they were on a “never allowed” list — these revised “comfort foods” satisfy our familiarity instinct.

Watch the video below to see how Dr. Roberts created The Ultimate “I” Burger that tastes juicy and filling!


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