iDiet for the Workplace

We want the iDiet to be as easy and effective for employers as it is for iDiet participants. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive, easy-to-implement obesity and weight loss solution to help you dramatically reduce your health care costs.

The iDiet offers employers:

  • A superior product with substantial weight loss and consequent dramatic health care savings.
  • A turn-key program which transforms the work environment into a culture of health
  • A benefit embraced by employees, who are delighted to become healthier and more productive.

The iDiet consists of an innovative 3-step program:

iDiet ENGAGE – When participants “engage,” they become deeply involved in the group process over 12 weeks. This is the first step to iDiet success and the key to transforming lives.

iDiet ADVANCE – When participants “advance,” they move forward on their weight loss journey with additional weeks of support and education.

iDiet OnTrack – Due to iDiet’s powerful habit-changing program, dieters are able to maintain their weight loss over time, But iDiet can also help employees sustain their success — maintaining their new iDiet lifestyle with continuing support via membership in our iDiet Online website.

Dr. Roberts says:
“If it’s easy, if it’s enjoyable, if the food is delicious and if you’re not hungry, there’s no reason to ever go back.”

What to expect from iDiet ENGAGE

iDiet ENGAGE program materials are customized for your brand, internal healthcare policies and corporate communications style:

  • Collaborative process for identifying program participants
  • Engaging employee communications: email invitation, video overview and informational forums
  • Coordination with Insurance providers and HRA program
  • Corporate and employee legal documentation
  • Tools for iDiet Success

The iDiet program begins with an informational forum for your employees outlining the program outcomes, scientific foundation and participant requirements.
Our iDiet supporting tools include:

  • Groundbreaking iDiet book—
  • Weekly programs and educational materials
  • Online weight tracker and smartphone app
  • No-counting, time-saving meal plans
  • iDiet food samples, menus and recipes
  • iDiet web-based support
  • Educational videos



The iDiet offers a series of additional programs for those needing weight loss in excess of 25 pounds:
ADVANCE programs for individuals with larger weight loss goals – units of 12 additional weekly group sessions
iDiet OnTrack – a web based program for continuing individual support, including weight tracker, menu planner, social networking, recipes and more…

Lois, a physician and dedicated iDieter, says the accountability of the iDiet groups will keep her on track to reach her weight loss goals.

“As I’ve gotten older, so have my patients. We’ve been together 25 or 30 years. I see a lot of the peri-menopausal and menopausal population. And I’ve been recommending the iDiet to these women.

I think with the good tasting food and using some of Dr. Roberts’ recipes, you really don’t feel deprived. The iDiet is the most successful diet that I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried them all! I think I should just eat like this for the rest of my life — my life will be very favorably impacted.”

Access a full suite of useful tools and materials that encompass tracking, planning, education, professional and social support.

Easy for You and Your Employees

  • The iDiet is Easy: There are no costly prescribed foods to carry into meetings, no counting points or calories – we eliminate the things that limit the effectiveness of other weight management programs.
  • The iDiet is Delicious: Menus are an initial training tool for creating new, healthier eating habits – lifelong habits which will carry program members through the many food challenges typical of a professional life.
  • The iDiet is Sustainable: Compliance levels are dramatically higher than on other programs.
  • The iDiet is Successful: Documented average weight loss is dramatically higher than you’ve come to expect from other programs.


No other weight loss program offers these impressive results and or can deliver such a unique return on investment.

Explore iDiet for the Workplace

Call today and ask us how the iDiet will easily fit into your worksite wellness programs.
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