iDiet Recipes

Here are a few delicious recipes that give you a taste of what iDiet food has to offer. Enjoy!

Chocolate Pudding

This pudding helps you feel full and satisfied while you enjoy the chocolate flavor! Double or triple the recipe if you want to make more than one serving.
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iDiet Chocolate Croissant RecipeEasy iDiet Chocolate Croissant

You can have chocolate and bread for breakfast, while losing weight! Make sure you use a high-fiber, low-carb tortilla to increase satiety and keeps calories low.
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Chocolate-Tipped Strawberries and Cream

The secret to including this fabulous dessert in your iDiet plan is making them at home. Use the best bittersweet chocolate you can find!
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Grilled Hoisin Pork Tenderloin

Pork is a great diet food if you use the tenderloin — it’s low in fat and very filling. Pork tenderloin is also versatile — try it Chinese style and wait for the raves!
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Hot Cereal with Maple Syrup and Blueberries

Mixing oatmeal with some wheat bran makes this quick-cooking hot cereal a really satisfying breakfast. It will keep you going for hours.
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Tanzanian Chicken Kebabs

Dr. Roberts worked in Africa and has collected healthy recipes like these chicken kebabs from chefs in Zanzibar. Enjoy the mix of ground spices and serve with a salad and a cooling bowl of yogurt with cucumber slices.
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Vanilla Spice Cookies

Yes…you can have cookies on the iDiet! These cookies are easy to make and the extra fiber keeps you satisfied longer than most other desserts.
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iDiet  Soda BreadiDiet Soda Bread

Bread lovers — good news — the iDiet doesn’t eliminate bread. That’s because we know that high fiber, low-carb breads can help slow digestion and aid weight loss. Here’s a favorite: Dr. Roberts’ iDiet Soda Bread — a tasty homemade loaf that is made without yeast. Just mix all the ingredients, bake and enjoy!
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costa rican black bean soupCosta Rican Black Bean Soup

This traditional Costa Rican soup — called sopa negra in Latin America — is filling and delicious. Use a blender for easy preparation. You’ll end up with a yummy lunch when it’s paired with a slice of iDiet Soda Bread and a piece of fruit for dessert. This soup will freeze well in individual portions for a quick, easy meal.
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Easy Split Pea and Ham Soup

This thick hearty soup takes a while but it is legal, incredibly easy, inexpensive and
very yummy! It freezes well and is popular all round.
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Superbowl FoodBuffalo Chicken Strips with Blue Cheese Dressing

Your guests won’t know this is diet food, and you won’t have to sit and watch them eating
something that harms your weight!
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chocolate cream bites in filo cupsChocolate Cream Bites in Filo Cups

iDieters found these treats to be delicious, talking about them in groups for weeks after. Five of these sweet goodies are only 100 calories – its great portion control without any loss of enjoyment!

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Stuffed Potato Skins

Every iDieter knows that potatoes are not great diet food — all that white carb just makes you hungry and sets off cravings again. But, happily, baked stuffed potato skins are another matter! This new recipe is very suitable for an Easter dinner and feels like you are eating potatoes even though the actual potato content is pretty low. As a bonus — it is easy to make some ‘regular’ stuffed potatoes at the same time for non-dieters, and then you have an elegant dish suitable for any party. But be sure to prepare plenty of these special stuffed ones, or you might find there are none left when you come to serve yourself!

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chocolate cake in a mug recipeiDiet Chocolate Fudge Cake in a Mug

This is an astonishing recipe on many levels. It is really delicious and totally healthy — a great way to eat your beans! It’s dessert and its iDiet legal — a dessert that is high in fiber and protein. It’s also incredibly easy — as long as you own a blender it can be prepped by non-bakers in literally 5 minutes. You can also freeze individual servings raw and then cook after defrosting on the counter. Oh yes, it’s also gluten free!

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pumpkin-pie-parfait-with-paperclipiDiet Pumpkin Pie Parfait

This deceptively rich and satisfying seasonal treat is a fast and easy week-night dessert, as well as being good enough to serve to company. Just layer it in your best serving pieces for a special presentation. Canned pumpkin is full of vitamins and fiber, low in calories, and available all year long, so there’s no need to reserve it just for fall!

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