The iDiet is based on a new scientific paradigm for losing weight hunger-free, and keeping it off. The main principle of the iDiet is deceptively simple — our food and our eating habits must be aligned with our hard-wired neurobiology or we’ll get into trouble.

Work with your instincts
Our basic instincts demand that we eat for survival. But in a modern food environment with over-supply of caloric options, our instincts can’t cope. The iDiet teaches you how to make delicious choices that keep you full on fewer calories, as well as quieting your survival instincts to prevent overeating and destructive cravings.

Foods that keep you full
Once we learn how to “control the controls,” we can choose foods that send the brain messages that say: “satisfied,” “full,” and block old cravings, then it becomes almost as easy to lose weight as it was easy to gain.

Science, not hype
The program’s creator, Susan Roberts, PhD, is a professor of both nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts University, and the author of over 200 research papers on weight loss. She knew that getting rid of the hardship in dieting was key to sustainable, easy weight loss. So she decided to teach people how to cope with their innate nutritional neurobiology — their food instincts — in order to overcome overweight and obesity — for life.

The success of the iDiet program has been shown not only in our program participants, but in peer-reviewed, published research, including:

  • A recent study incorporating fMRI images of iDiet participants brains showing their responses to foods had been retrained to prefer healthier foods over sugary and fat-laden options (Nutrition & Diabetes (2014) 4, e129; doi:10.1038/nutd.2014.26)
  • A recent study showing the iDiet program produces lower attrition, higher satisfaction and greater weight loss than other group weight loss programs, with clinically relevant beneficial effect on cardiometabolic risk factors (i.e.: lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels) (Am J Clin Nutr April 2013 vol. 97 no. 4 663-664)


“That was really the light bulb that this diet was all created from – that we are hardwired for certain things in food. Trying to fight our hardwiring is never going to work because willpower is weak and instincts are strong. Everybody’s food instincts, if you don’t know how to use them, make them overeat. But some strategies from advanced behavioral psychology and using the right nutrition turns them around and makes them your friends rather than your enemies.”
– Susan Roberts, PhD


Watch Dr. Roberts describe the science behind the iDiet:

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