Kerri lost 130 pounds and has experienced a dramatic life transformation.

In August of 2010, Kerri weighed 266 pounds and was dealing with hypertension, high cholesterol and debilitating fatigue. She had tried another well-known diet program, lost a few pounds but then regained the weight and got discouraged. Luckily, she found the iDiet, lost 130 pounds and has experienced a dramatic life transformation.

“My Mom had learned about the iDiet from a coworker, and she decided to give it a try, so she and my father started doing it. And every time I went over to visit them, they seemed to keep talking about this diet, how wonderful it was, how they weren’t hungry at all, just talking amongst themselves. And it was as if they were amazed that it was so easy, to do what they were doing, to follow the diet, and to lose weight, and they were seeing results.
So after hearing that many times I thought ‘Boy, maybe I should give it a try. Why not?’
I had gotten to the point where I figured I would just be overweight for the rest of my life, so I was kind of resigned to that. So it wasn’t that I had a lot of faith that anything would help me. But I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so you know, I’ll give it a try — what’s the worst that could happen?
So I started iDiet, and I immediately started seeing results. I was thrilled and I haven’t looked back since. Losing 130 lbs has transformed my life…just every aspect of it. From how I feel about myself, my self-confidence, my activity level. Now I look forward to getting out there and doing things, whether it’s exercising or socializing, or anything. I’ve become much more social, much more outgoing. I perform so much better at my job now. I am interacting with people more. I’m not just hiding in my office under a pile of paperwork, getting the work done and trying not to draw attention to myself.
I’ve gone back to school. It’s motivated me to now to try to achieve other things. And it’s really exciting.”


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