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Weight Loss Programs

iDiet Foundations: Start here

Begin by taking one of our two beginner online classes. Whether you choose our OnDemand 10-week video-based class, or our 12-week live-group class, iDieters lose weight every week, without hunger, without plateaus, without setbacks. You can continue losing weight after the class ends at a healthy, sustainable rate. Both classes teach you all you need to know.

Create healthy habits: It takes 10-12 weeks to solidify your new healthy habits. After that, you can continue on your own, or you can choose to participate in additional programs if you enjoy having support and access to an iDiet-certified Group Leader.

Solidify your lifelong healthy habits with an iDiet foundation course today.


Recorded Video Lessons and a lot more
10 weeks for $199

Follow iDiet on your schedule. OnDemand provides the features included in our other plans, but with pre-recorded video classes. This makes it our most affordable and convenient program, and helps you fit it into your busy schedule. For each of the 10 weeks in OnDemand, you receive access to new video classes led by Dr. Roberts, to watch at your convenience. Plus you get all the online tools and resources of our live group classes. Learn more

Meets: Anytime Online
Start Date: Instantly, On Demand!


Live Online Group
12 weeks for $299

Our popular online class, running for 12 weeks. In this live online class, you’ll receive all the essential iDiet core knowledge, with 12 weeks of friendly group support and education to help solidify your new healthy food cravings and better habits, plus all our online tools and resources.

Begins: June 5
Register by: June 1

How it works:

Both foundation classes happen online.

iDiet OnDemand is delivered to you as recorded video lessons with Dr. Roberts, with 10 classes over 10 weeks that you take at your convenience, and re-watch as often as you’d like! The curriculum and materials are identical to Engage. Learn more

iDiet Engage is an online small-group class that meets weekly. With Engage, you will use the webcam on your computer, tablet or smartphone to join the scheduled weekly meetings. The size of each class is limited to 15 members to ensure you receive personalized attention. You will also participate in a private online forum with your classmates, use our daily online weight tracker, and receive many proprietary iDiet recipes and meal plans for your choice of easy “throw-together” or “quick cook” meals. Options are provided for vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten-free.

Both options include: iDiet’s simple EasyPlan menus, access to certified Group Leaders (GLs) for support, our online community forum, hundreds of recipes, handouts and videos, our weight tracker, online diary, and iPhone app.

If you have any questions, please use the “Ask us a question” tab at the bottom of this website, or email

All iDiet groups also get access to our new iPhone app for weight logging and food journaling.
Log your meals privately or share them for more support.


Visit the home page for an overview, or watch our free webinar, or learn how iDiet works, explore the science behind iDiet, or see results and testimonials, or see some sample recipes.

Hear Dr. Roberts describe the genesis of the iDiet program, how and why it works.

Ongoing Support

Once you’ve taken an OnDemand or Engage group class, you have the option to choose to further your knowledge and results with one of our Advance classes. Both Advance 1 and Advance 2 provide you with new and different lessons that take you beyond the beginner classes, enhancing and deepening your knowledge and results.

Our OnTrack weekly maintenance support group is for graduates of either iDiet Advance class who are at or near their goals and looking for group support.

Advance 1

12 weeks for $299

Only for graduates of an iDiet foundation class listed above. Get 12 additional weeks of new education as well as friendly group support and iDiet certified Group Leader access.

Begins: July 23
Register by: July 20

Advance 2

12 weeks for $299

Only for graduates of an iDiet foundation class listed above and Advance 1. Get 12 additional weeks of new education as well as friendly group support and iDiet certified Group Leader access.

Begins: April 23
Register by: April 20

OnTrack Plus

Monthly subscription $49/mo

For iDiet graduates who are at or near their goals and want some friendly help to maintain their iDiet success. This is not a class — it’s a private online group and weekly video meetings. The group is actively moderated, and weekly Zoom meetings allow you to get deep coaching from a Senior iDiet Certified Leader. Join us for weekly coaching and conversation. Maintain your motivation and momentum. This upgraded program is a monthly subscription that renews automatically. We will be there to support you and your peers while you also support each other.