Well, this is the 10th and last week of the iDiet weight loss group. I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 16 lbs! I have the tools I need to lose the remaining 15 lbs and reach my goal of 140 lbs. It’s been an interesting journey; frustrating at times (such is weight loss!) and exhilarating. I’m glad I decided to do this.

For anyone who struggles with their weight (long or short term) you know how hard it can be. What diet do you try? A support group with real food or a program where you buy the food frozen? Or an expensive program where they ship the food to you fresh? Do you try something online because you don’t have time but want the support? Can you get your family on board so it’ll be easier for you to prepare food?

I’ve learned about the role fiber plays in proper nutrition

In the past I had avoided weight loss plans. I would do the research, ask questions and then do my own thing. This strategy worked for years. I lost weight successfully and kept it off for long stretches of time. Then, menopause hit three years ago and all hell broke lose. I gained weight steadily and no matter what I had done in the past to lose weight; nothing was working any longer. So I decided to try iDiet. I had been referring people to it for a few years and they had all lost weight successfully and were maintaining their weight loss.

Moving forward I will continue to weigh myself daily and keep track of it. I will also maintain a food log. I’ve never kept one in the past. It’s a helpful tool in keeping track of everything you put in your mouth. If you’re honest, you know what you’re eating. No eating while cooking and not writing it down. No grazing in the afternoon when you’re hungry and not writing it down. No eating after dinner and not writing it down. It goes in your mouth, you write it down!

Continuing my weight loss will be easier now that I know what I need to do to be successful.

The key to my weight loss is what I’ve learned about the role fiber plays in proper nutrition. I’ve learned about soluble and insoluble fiber and eating the right amounts of both. How to eat fiber to feel full and deal with food cravings. How to enjoy my food without feeling hungry and deprived.

I think back to what I used to eat growing up. We didn’t have desert often and we ate ice cream during the summer only. Corn syrup wasn’t in everything. We ate some processed foods but there weren’t that many out there. We didn’t eat out often. It was a treat not several times a week. I was involved in ballet, gymnastics, etc. I didn’t grow up in front of the TV or a computer screen. We walked places instead of driving everywhere.

Continuing my weight loss will be easier now that I know what I need to do to be successful. Starting in April, we’ll go out to dinner Saturday nights and I’ll enjoy the break from my daily diet. We’ve always preferred to eat most of our meals at home. We can control what we eat (without the temptation of all that food on the menu) and we’d rather budget our money on something like a vacation or a home improvement project.

Now that I’ve lost some weight, I can fit back into my Zobha yoga wear. Given what I do for work, I live in this stuff! What I like about Zobha is it’s good quality and has nice colors/styles that work for someone who is over 30 (lots of little outfits for those younger as well). I don’t have to worry about the quality control of the fabric or dye lots. It covers everything it’s supposed to! I like it so much I’ve expanded my business to include selling it here at the studio.

For more information about iDiet go to: www.theidiet.com; The chronicle of my weight loss journey is on their blog (along with before and after pictures). I’ll be updating my weight loss progress periodically in the column. I’m looking forward to writing about some other things as well. Please feel free to send me comments/questions about your weight loss journey. Thank you to everyone who has followed mine. ‘Til next time!

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