Why iDiet Never Has Sales

As we groggily emerge from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday hangover, it’s a great time to talk about sales.

Almost from day 1, iDiet made a clear decision to never issue discount coupons, never have Black Friday sales, holiday sales, or any other type of price promotion. Ever.

It’s not because we don’t enjoy a good bargain, but rather because we believe in respecting you and helping you take effective action. Here are the top four reasons.

1. Fairness

How would you feel if you signed up for a group and then the price was reduced the next week? Probably not good. We never want you to feel like you’ve been cheated — we always want to treat you with respect.

2. Access and Respect

We want you to be able to join our programs on YOUR schedule. To join when you feel the time is right for you. Not when we decide to put it on sale. Periodic sales can cause people to second-guess their decision to move forward. “What if it goes on sale next week?” “What if the next sale is better than this one?” These are the types of questions we want to save you from. If you want to start losing weight, we want it to be as easy and straightforward as possible to get started. With iDiet OnDemand, for example, you can be registered and watching your first video in less than 5 minutes. With one of our live groups, you can sign up at any time, secure in the knowledge you are getting our best price — that no one else got a better deal than you. It’s only fair.

3. Price Transparency

Some retailers create inflated “list” prices in order to trick you with an exaggerated markdown. We respect you too much to do that. We’ll never overprice a class just to mark it down.

4. Procrastination Prevention

It’s so easy to put off starting a diet. Why create any further barrier to starting? Why complicate things? We want to make it easier to take action, not harder.

Why not now?

Speaking of taking action, we have new online groups starting next week. Or you can start iDiet OnDemand (pre-recorded video classes) today. Either way, you’ll get the best weight loss program, based on the best research in neurobiology, psychology, habit change, nutrition, and biology — with the clinical results and fMRI brain scans to prove it. Lose weight with us in a healthy, easy, sustainable way, hunger-free with great support.

It may seem like the holiday season is a bad time to start, but it’s actually a great time to be in our programs. The winter holidays are the time of year people gain the most. We can help you avoid weight gain this winter, and we can be with you every step of the way during your New Year’s resolution journey. There’s no time like the present, and no barriers to starting!

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