A good week. I lost 2 1/2 lbs and reached my goal of 15 lbs lost! I hope to go over that this week; the last week of the iDiet meetings. Looking back, the first month was tough with small losses and big bounce ups in weight. Now when I lose, I bounce up less (1 1/2 lbs versus 3 lbs). It’s a tough weight loss pattern but it’s mine. I just continue to work the diet and the weight keeps coming off.

My next goal is to break 155 lbs. We’re leaving the end of May for a week in Mexico and I want to break 150 before we leave. Psychologically, doing this before going to an all inclusive resort would be a good thing. There is a lot of food there! The alcohol doesn’t faze me since I don’t drink but the food is more the issue. From the smoothies at the juice bar (we hit it at 6:00 AM when we take a long walk around the resort) to the buffets and 7 restaurants; I’ve got to be careful not to go hog wild. I have a plan though!

I’m on vacation so I’m not going to deprive myself of everything I love

We’ve been to this resort several times so I know what’s there to eat. I’m on vacation so I’m not going to deprive myself of everything I love. I’ll eat my oatmeal (with a little brown sugar) and have a bowl of fruit with it. Other days I can have a veggie omelet. The salad bar is wonderful for lunch (I just won’t overdue it with the dressing). There is wonderful chicken to have with my salad. For dinner, if I have pasta I won’t have desert (or I’ll have a piece of bread with butter). We’re active there; I’ll be at the health club every day and in the resistance pool also.

I will continue on the iDiet principles of high fiber, protein and limiting fat and carbs as my daily nutrition. I’ve learned a lot about how to lose weight (next is maintaining it when I reach my goal of 140 lbs). I will continue to weigh myself daily to help me keep on track with my weight. I know what to do to recover from a meal that is high caloric to minimize the damage of weight gain. I know it sounds a little obsessive but I’ve been planning, buying and cooking most of my meals for years so it’s second nature for me. It just takes a little bit of time and practice to be successful with any weight loss plan.

Sue has come up with ways to make traditional higher calorie foods healthy but still delicious.

I have high fiber bars in my studio and in my car in case I’m hungry and need something right away. Going too long without food and grabbing anything (usually high fat, sugar, etc.) is to be avoided. That’s why planning is so important. I make sure I have lots of good yummy things to eat. Like most people, I don’t like feeling deprived. This is the enemy of weight loss. That’s why the recipes in the iDiet book are so wonderful. Sue has come up with ways to make traditional higher calorie foods healthy but still delicious.

Everyone who wants to can lose weight on this program. Regardless of age of medical condition it’s possible. We have 8 people in our group; different ages and medical conditions. One who is in her 60’s and insulin dependent has lost 20 lbs! I want to encourage people who have not been successful with weight loss programs to give this one a try. Go to: www.theidiet.com to find out more about this wonderful weight loss program which is based on the scientific research of Susan Roberts, Ph.D.

Stay tuned for next week when I write the last column in this 10 week weight loss series. After that I’ll write follow up columns detailing my progress. I plan on continuing to lose weight and then move on to figuring out my weight maintenance plan! ‘Til next week.

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