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logos-for-email-340You may have heard about iDiet in the news this week. Dr. Susan Roberts and iDiet science have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, as well as in Time Magazine, CBS, the BBC, CNN, FOX, Shape, and many others.

It’s gratifying to be recognized for good work, but the coverage is not telling the full story. The iDiet can’t be described in conventional terms. The iDiet isn’t a low-carb diet, or a low-fat diet. It’s a low-willpower diet. It’s a “we included only the best proven science” diet. It’s the diet not based on gimmicks and it’s not a quick fix — it’s a new healthy lifestyle that’s easy to live with.

It’s a revolutionary approach that gets better results because it looks at the big picture, because it works in the real world, with real people and our messy, wonderful, complex lives.

The latest news

In a groundbreaking study published this week, with our founder and chief scientist Dr. Susan Roberts as co-author, a small group of clinically overweight people followed the iDiet, and fMRI brain scans showed the part of their brains associated with addiction and cravings had changed compared to the control group. Under the scanner, that brain region appeared more active and sensitive to healthier foods and less sensitive to high calorie foods among the group following the iDiet.

NBC’s Today Show did a special report about this study which you can view at this link: http://bit.ly/iDietTodayShow1

And if you like to read scientific journals,You can view the full report at this link: http://bit.ly/iDietNutrDiab1

This is the first scientific demonstration of this important change, measured directly in the brains of real dieters. This recent study used people on the iDiet to prove that you can actually change your cravings and food preferences, and the iDiet was key to this accomplishment.

No willpower needed

We designed the iDiet to do exactly this, in order to help make dieting easier — to change how people react to different foods, removing the need for willpower and hunger from the diet equation, so although we were always confident in the outcome, we are pleased to have the greater scientific community validate our work.

We’ve already proven it

This is actually the fourth publication in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating the extraordinarily strong clinical, scientific basis for the iDiet’s success. In earlier studies, we showed that iDieters lose more weight, are less hungry and have fewer cravings than before starting the iDiet program. No other diet program has demonstrated reduced hunger and food cravings during weight loss, making iDiet’s success unique, and contributing to our great popularity.

Join the diet revolution

The iDiet may seem simple, but it is actually a totally different approach. On the surface it just looks like an incredibly effective weight loss program, but our approach is unique, and we hope this is the beginning of a transformation — a revolution — in how we help people lose weight and keep it off.

Turn the tables

Instead of putting up with hunger, we show people how to eliminate it. And rather than getting tiny bits of pleasure from small portions of old favorites, we show you how to make old favorites healthier and to love new beneficial foods that support weight control.

Start today

We invite you to Join us for a free on-demand webinar to find out more, and to sign up for an iDiet group class. It’s the last diet you’ll ever do, because it’s not a diet at all — it’s a healthy, enjoyable, easy way to eat to feel your best — for life.


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