iDiet Clinical Trials in the News

You may have been seeing the iDiet in the news lately. Publication of papers related to a recent iDiet clinical trial are causing quite a stir. The iDiet has been proven in clinical trials and in pilot programs at multiple locations to deliver significant, sustainable weight loss which is 3 times greater than the results of other leading programs, and more scientists, writers, physicians, and employers are noticing.

iDiet’s programs have lower attrition, higher satisfaction and greater weight loss than other group weight loss programs, and our participants love the program because they shed pounds — and keep them off — while enjoying delicious real food, more energy and a greater sense of control over their health. The most prestigious of the recent studies was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

(link) The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: A peer-reviewed research paper discussing our successful worksite weight loss research. The article will only be freely available for a limted time from publication, then it will be accessible for a fee.
Quoting from the Journal, here are some key points:

The incorporation of weight management in worksite culture has several attractions when overweight and obesity are sufficiently prevalent… The opportunity to form a group spirit, encourage competitive behavior, and decrease stigmatization are obvious advantages for the employee, and because obesity is a cause of increased sick leave and decreased productivity, there is also an incentive for investment by the employer…

Retention in the 6-mo program was close to 90%, and the active intervention group achieved a weight loss of 8.0 kg [18 pounds] compared with a weight gain of 0.9 kg in controls. As expected, this weight loss had a clinically relevant beneficial effect on cardiometabolic risk factors. For those who continued in the subsequent 6-mo weight-maintenance phase, there was no weight regain…

The diet chosen for the present study may be partly responsible for the success of the intervention. The macronutrient composition of the diet was changed to provide more satiety for fewer calories by increasing protein and fiber and by reducing glycemic index and load. This dietary change has been shown to be effective for weight control and to increase retention, and the modest changes may make it a more appealing food culture than an extreme low-carbohydrate diet…
Previously, individual-based worksite programs have produced only modest weight loss, but the current study encourages some optimism for the future.

Additionally, here is a rundown of some more recent articles discussing iDiet and the peer-reviewed research papers that explain our excellent clinical results:

Philly.com: Discussing our worksite weight loss research (link)
Our chief scientist quoted in the Wall Street Journal (link)
Individual case studies and results from some of our worksite programs (link)
A medical perspective on our worksite weight loss programs at nursezone.com (link)

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