Another week of weight loss! I lost 2 1/2 lbs last week! Last Sunday, after I weighed in and wrote my column my husband and I went out to brunch! It was awesome! I ate what I wanted and it took 3 days to lose the 1 1/2 lbs I gained but it was worth it. I went right back on the diet and managed to reach a new low this morning of 158.4 My next goal is to break 155. I’d like to break 150 before we leave for Mexico for a week’s vacation the end of May.

A lot of my clothes fit again. With the change in my exercise program, I’ve been losing inches in my hips and thighs. I’ve never been a size 8 at this weight but I am now. Another 5 lbs and I should be able to fit into my 6’s again. I gave away a lot of my clothes but I kept a few things. I’ll just have to buy more clothes when I get to my goal of 140. I won’t get there until summer, but I’m almost half way there.

A lot of my clothes fit again.

Dieting is something you get used to after a period of time. I know what I can eat, and avoid what I shouldn’t eat. I’m in the rhythm of my weight loss. I know when I lose a pound or more in a day that I’ll have a small bounce back up the next day. I don’t fret about it any longer; I just keep going. This is a process and it really takes patience and determination. My goal is to reach 140 and I’ll weigh myself daily then to help maintain my weight. My cut off will be 145 lbs. If I get to that weight, I’ll cut back until my weight goes back down. I’ll give myself a few pounds for wriggle room and know what I need to do to maintain.

My body doesn’t metabolize carbohydrates very well so I need to keep them low. High fiber and protein helps me to feel full and nourish my body properly so I don’t reach for the carbs that I love. Low fat popcorn and multigrain snacks are favorites of mine. I can still have them but in moderation. I have a 100 calorie bag of microwave low fat kettle corn every Sunday. When I’m doing the maintenance part of the program, I can up my carbs a bit but I just have to watch them.

I’ve had 2 good meals today so I need to cut back for dinner tonight. It’ll be high fiber cereal, with blueberries and 1% organic milk. It’s a good dinner on a busy Sunday catching up and getting ready for the work week. I’ve been grocery shopping, made my hard boiled eggs and will bake teriyaki chicken thighs for the week. I can have them with veggies for dinner or throw one in a salad for my protein. Planning is key for weight loss. It also helps with having food ready to heat up during the week when one is tired at the end of a work day.

I’d rather maintain a healthy weight then eat everything on the menu!

I plan on going out to eat weekly when the weather gets warmer. My husband has several motorcycles and we like to ride into the North End on Saturday nights for dinner. I plan ahead what I’m going to eat depending on which restaurant we go to. If I want to stop at a bakery for desert, I’ll have a salad with chicken for dinner. If I don’t want desert, I’ll have a small serving of pasta with shrimp and a salad. I can eat out within reason; I just have to make choices about what I want. For special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary, I’ll go all out; eat the bread (one piece) with pasta and desert. I just can’t do this every week and keep my weight down. I’m okay with it. I’d rather maintain a healthy weight then eat everything on the menu!

The other thing we like about going to the North End is that we walk around after dinner. We can walk several miles looking in store windows; walking down to the Waterfront or to Faneuil Hall. We love to walk. It’s a great way to digest your food instead of just letting it sit in your stomach. We enjoy people watching and then get back on the bike and head home.

I’m determined when I reach my goal to maintain my weight. I should have an easier time with what I’ve learned with iDiet in maintaining my weight. The key is not to feel deprived; to feel full. I’m already planning on grilling veggie and turkey burgers on the grille when it gets a little warmer. I love veggies sprayed with a little olive oil and some salt and pepper in tinfoil on the grille. Yummy!

Thank you to everyone who has been following my weight loss journey. Some of you have emailed me and offered your support/suggestions. I really appreciate it. The more support the better! ‘Til next week!

About our guest blogger Debra Goldman:

Debra has been an athlete, trainer and Pilates instructor for over 30 years, and she has referred clients to the iDiet program for several years. She noticed that every one of them lost weight, maintained their weight loss, and raved about how easy and enjoyable the community groups were. Like most people, Debra has faced and overcome a variety of physical injuries and health issues — some that make weight maintenance more difficult. So she decided to join an iDiet group, and journal the process. Join us on Debra’s weight loss journey.

Debra Goldman can be contacted at:
Pilates Works, Inc
253 Cochituate Rd
Wayland, MA 01778
(508) 655-1178

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