Over the years, I’ve shared my struggles with my weight. After losing 60 lbs over 8 years ago, I’d kept it off until I hit menopause 2 and a half years ago. Since then I’ve regained 30 lbs and no matter what I did, the scale wouldn’t budge. I knew about iDiet and had referred several clients in the past few years. All of them had lost weight and raved about the program. I decided I needed to do something different so I wasn’t just spinning my wheels (so frustrating).
Joining a weight loss group (any group for that matter) is a stretch for me. I’m a lone wolf. I work alone, work out alone, walk alone. I’m used to doing my own thing; including my own weight loss plan. I realized it was time for me to be open to learning more about the science of nutrition, how to eat to feel full and control cravings AND lose weight.
There are 8 of us in the iDiet group meeting weekly at the Village Bank. We are different ages, some working, some retired, with varying amounts of weight we would like to lose. Diane Bailey is our group leader. She is wonderful! Knowledgeable, empathetic and organized! I learned a lot about the role of fiber in feeling full. What to eat and when to eat in order to lose the weight I had gained in the past few years.
The iDiet book written by Susan Roberts, Ph.D. which the iDiet group is based on is to quote Jane Brody of The New York Times; “Perhaps the most comprehensive approach to eating for effective weight control.” Sue is a professor of nutrition and a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University. She’s an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and obesity who has appeared on The Today Show, ABC News, NPR and CNN. She has published over 200 research articles in scientific journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet and JAMA.
You have to weigh yourself daily (naked in the privacy of your own home) unlike other weight loss groups where they weigh you weekly. This way you know whether it’s working or not. You record your weight online on a weight tracker (only the group leader has access, not the other group members) and a graph shows your trajectory. I’ve lost 4 lbs in the first week! I think of weight loss in 5 lb increments. That way it’s not too overwhelming. Once I lose the first 5 lbs, I then focus on the next 5 lbs.
I also like to reward myself (not with food) for meeting my short and long term goals. I love to read so I download something frivolous onto my Kindle and make sure I take the time to read the latest mystery. When I reach my weight loss goal, I’m going clothes shopping! New yoga clothes for work and new clothes for our trip to Mexico the end of May!
Of course, I’m exercising while losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise helps me burn calories and keeps my energy level up. Pilates and the exercises on the Power Plate keep my core strong and my muscles toned. At 55, it’s important to me to keep myself as fit as possible. Especially given what I do for a living! I need to set an example for my clients. Keeping my weight down is key for the prevention of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, dementia (all a part of my family history). I’m not taking any medication and want to keep it that way!
If you would like to know more about iDiet go to: www.theidiet.com There are community groups in many surrounding towns plus on-line groups if you don’t have time to attend in person. The company also works with corporations as well. This weight loss plan has changed my life and I believe it works for everyone!

About our guest blogger Debra Goldman:

Debra has been an athlete, trainer and Pilates instructor for over 30 years, and she has referred clients to the iDiet program for several years. She noticed that every one of them lost weight, maintained their weight loss, and raved about how easy and enjoyable the community groups were. Like most people, Debra has faced and overcome a variety of physical injuries and health issues — some that make weight maintenance more difficult. So she decided to join an iDiet group, and journal the process. Join us on Debra’s weight loss journey.
Debra Goldman can be contacted at:
Pilates Works, Inc
253 Cochituate Rd
Wayland, MA 01778
(508) 655-1178

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