Your brain is your food traffic controller and the iDiet teaches you to be the pilot.

times-brain-shot-350A recent Opinion piece in the New York Times discussed the complex signaling that occurs in the brain around hunger and satiety, paying particular attention to how fructose and glucose affect hunger hormones and chemical signaling. This story is related to research that the iDiet is based on, including brain scan experiments that track how we respond to food stimuli. It’s very complex, but we don’t need to understand it to benefit from it.

The iDiet understands the complex way your brain responds to the sight, smell, thought and taste of food. Our carefully constructed recipes are designed to give just the right balance of nutrients to get your brain sending out signals that tell you that you are full and satisfied, no more food desired.

We at the iDiet know that it’s more than just glucose that signals the brain. By feeding yourself just the right combination of fast and slowly digested carbs for an extended blood glucose profile — and healthy fats, proteins and fiber — you get the right balance of secreted hormones and body-to-brain nerve impulses that the create happy brain signals necessary to dampen those reward centers and suppress overeating.

In other words: we teach you to control the controls.

Here’s a link to the original article:

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