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Live Online Enhanced Class
With Positive Intelligence
12 life-changing weeks for $589

Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm EDT starting March 1.
Register by Sunday, February 28
$589 introductory price
This introductory pricing will increase in March.

Update: This class has been extremely popular and has reached capacity. Please email to inquire about a waitlist or any alternative arrangements we can make for you. Thank you!

Attendance at both Monday and Tuesday group classes for 12 consecutive weeks is part of this Intensive, and is required for participation.

Change your mind,
change your life.

Your brain is remarkable. Powerful, flexible, adaptable.

You can do anything you set your mind to — if your mind cooperates. Success is more likely if you’re not feeling stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, doubt, loss — all the negative emotions we assume are unavoidable in modern life. But what if negative emotions could be lessened? What if some were optional?

Positive Intelligence + iDiet = Even Better Results

iDiet Engage IntensiveYou already know how effective iDiet is. It’s the only weight loss program clinically proven to change food preferences, reduce cravings for junky food and increase desire for healthy foods. If you’re new to iDiet, learn more about it here, then come back. iDiet is based in evolutionary biology as well as nutrition science, and iDiet strategies form a new  operating system for your food brain.

The new discipline of Positive Intelligence is based on Stanford-based investigations leveraging recent research in neuroscience, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, cognitive psychology, and mindfulness. At iDiet, we’ve found that combining Positive Intelligence techniques with Dr. Roberts’ groundbreaking work in the 5 Food Instincts, proprietary nutrient ratios, and strategies for permanently retraining food preferences and habits can significantly improve weight loss results, as well as have positive overflow effects in other areas of life, such as less stress, better sleep, and improved relationships. Positive Intelligence amplifies iDiet in wonderful ways.

80% of people fail the PQ test.
We can help.

What is PQ? Just as IQ is your intelligence quotient and helps you accomplish mental tasks, PQ is the ratio of your positive to negative emotions, and it helps you succeed at life’s big challenges. People with a ratio of 3 or more positive thoughts to each 1 negative thought tend to be happier, less stressed, and more successful at their goals and relationships. But 80% of people fall below this 3:1 threshold. What if you could train your brain to have different thoughts? What possibilities could that open up for you?

positive vs negative emotions

Bad feelings lead to bad eating. It’s easier to stay on your plan when you aren’t fighting yourself or stuck in negative emotions.


How mean is your inner bully?

We all have one. The voice we’d never use talking to a friend or loved one. The voice that says you’re not good enough, not worthy, and full of faults. Actually, according to the Positive Intelligence framework, we have up to 10 distinct negative voices — and 5 positive powers to counterbalance them. The balance between negative and positive voices largely determines our overall happiness and success at any endeavor.

The 5 PQ strengths

The 5 Positive Intelligence Powers

Your negative voices generate feelings that lead to failure. Positive feelings make change easier. Your PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) is a powerful predictor of both your success, and the ease with which you attain it.


You can raise your PQ with practice

Positive Intelligence research reveals:

  • Your positive and negative voices live in different regions of your brain, just as your willpower and your food instincts live in different regions.
  • You can dramatically shift the conversation in your head with simple mental exercises.
  • You can learn to intercept negative thoughts and behaviors. PQ makes it easy.
  • You can learn to grow your positive powers. PQ provides simple exercises that require only minutes a day.
  • It only takes 10-second mini-meditations to catch yourself in moments of weakness, redirect your thinking, and keep yourself on the right path. The new PQ program offers a variety of mini-meditations for every circumstance.
iDiet fMRI brain scans

iDiet fMRI brain scans

  • Just as iDiet’s fMRI scans show increased activation for healthy food preferences, PQ practice shows growth in gray matter in the brain in areas related to willpower and positive behavioral strengths.
  • Stronger PQ Powers translate to better behavior, and better results. You can achieve positive behavioral gains without lengthy therapy*.

    * iDiet is not therapy, and this program is not a substitute for psychotherapy where psychotherapy is indicated.

A perfect combination

There are 5 Food Instincts in Dr. Roberts’s research that are based in evolutionary biology, and form a foundational operating system for your food brain. Likewise, there are 5 key Positive Powers that, when practiced, help you choose more empowering, helpful and happier thoughts, be more resilient, and apply everything iDiet teaches with more ease and joy. This new combined curriculum is more than the sum of its parts.

The 3 Pillars of iDiet Intensive:

1.  iDiet Science. Everything we already teach in our Engage 12-week program about weight control and nutrition that produces the greatest sustainable weight loss ever shown in clinical studies. Evidence-based science, 30 years of research, and tens of thousands of pounds lost.

2. An all-new 12-week overlay program, concurrent with the iDiet, using Positive Intelligence to teach how to increase your happiness IQ. Because success doesn’t come from grinding away joylessly at painful tasks. It comes from living a life in which your choices, desires, and habits are aligned with your goals

3. Individualized Coaching, app-based training, and daily micro-meditations to help you become the person who achieves goals with minimal struggle, and that combine to help lock in change.


Beyond goals

Success is not just about goals and tasks. It’s about who you will become on your way to achieving your goal. Adding Positive Intelligence techniques to iDiet’s best-in-class, evidence-based strategies makes the journey easier. In order to accomplish any big life changes, you need to leave behind some habits that no longer serve you, to move boldly and confidently into your own future. Let us help you move into your healthier future. Commit to showing up for all 24 meetings in these new, intense 12 weeks, and prepare to be amazed at what you can accomplish.

What is Engage Intensive?

iDiet EngageEngage Intensive is our new online class, running for 12 weeks, with triple the benefits. In this live online class, you’ll receive all the essential iDiet core weight loss knowledge, with 12 weeks of friendly iDiet group support and education to help solidify your new healthy food cravings and better habits, plus all our iDiet online tools and resources. This class also includes Positive Intelligence bonus features, with 12 extra weekly Positive Intelligence coaching sessions (Engage Intensive meets TWICE weekly).

Your Bonuses

The Positive Intelligence Intensive bonus program includes 7 hours of new educational videos, an eBook and audiobook, daily mindfulness exercises, a new Positive Intelligence app (iOS and Android) with “mind gym” exercises, and 12 extra group coaching meetings (this means two meetings a week, your attendance is required at both). The group will meet on Mondays for Positive Intelligence training, and on Tuesdays for iDiet Sessions. Complete participation information is provided at your first Monday group meeting.

This class has reached capacity. Please email to inquire about a waitlist any alternative arrangements we can make for you. Thank you!

Instinct Health Science LLC, DBA iDiet


This program is recommended for individuals with a BMI of 25 or above. Individuals with eating disorders should obtain their doctor’s approval before applying to this program. Individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can participate in a modified version of the iDiet program that avoids gluten-containing foods. Individuals with digestive problems should obtain the recommendation and consent of their physician before registering. Please ask us if you have concerns before completing your registration. iDiet is not a substitute for therapy where psychotherapy or counseling is indicated.