Dr. Roberts in NPR Diet and Health documentary

Dr. Roberts was interviewed along with experts like Dr. Weil for the NPR audio documentary “Diet and Health”. You can hear her at the 20:40 minute mark.

Some of the points Dr. Roberts makes:

Our toxic food environment is created by an over-abundance of processed and prepared foods that are optimized for taste appeal over nutrition. Excessive availability of foods — particularly foods high in fat, salt, carbs or sugar — produces an automatic neurological response. We literally can’t control ourselves around food through willpower alone.

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If you’ve been overweight for more than a few years, the resulting insulin resistance increases the intensity of your hunger response. Your body sees this as your “new normal” state — your new baseline state, and it fights to maintain this new higher weight. This obesogenic environment has become part of our culture — obesogenic foods have become normal and familiar. What used be considered special treats or occasional splurges have become the new normal for daily eating. This makes change harder for anyone wanting to choose a different path.

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In addition to improving the food supply, we need a cultural shift to help make weight loss easier. For our society as a whole, we need more than individual education and individual behavior-change efforts. For example: it’s easy to find restaurant entrees that exceed 2000 calories — and that’s just the entree, not the bread, beverage, appetizer and dessert. Servings were not this large 30 years ago.

You can't choose your genes, but you can choose what you put in your mouth. Click To Tweet

For health, you may not be able to control your genes, or remove yourself from a polluted environment, but you can control what you put in your mouth.

If you’d like to make a change, we offer a variety of programs that are proven to help you change your food preferences and shift that weight baseline to a healthier place.

Listen to the documentary here:


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