OnTrack Plus with Video Meetings

OnTrack Plus on a LaptopJoin us for weekly coaching and conversation. Maintain your motivation and momentum. Keep your ties to your iDiet friends. This upgraded program is a monthly subscription that renews automatically.

The success of every iDiet graduate is important to us. So we’ve cooked up an offering just for our graduates, based on your feedback and on the key elements that make iDiet so effective.

What is it?

A monthly subscription granting you access to weekly video meetings, a 24/7 forum-based community to help you stay on track, and a recorded library of past meetings.
It’s our improved iDiet support program for any graduate of an iDiet group. If you are a graduate, this could provide the support you need to maintain your success.

What do I get?

You will receive:

  • Weekly live video check-ins and group conversation with a Senior Certified Group Leader
  • Your online weight tracker, including all your weight data beginning with your very first entry
  • An active message board, monitored by a Certified Group Leader
  • Continued website access, including our expanded recipe database
  • Access to a community of like-minded iDieters to share support and ideas
  • Every past meeting recorded to binge-watch at your leisure (over a year’s worth!)

You might benefit from OnTrack Plus if you:

  • Still want accountability to stay on track, but without class lectures
  • Enjoy the interaction that occurs in our online meetings
  • Want the opportunity to be coached in real-time
  • Are ready to reach and maintain your new lower weight
  • Have another health-related goal such as better control of your blood glucose
  • Are trying to solidify new habits and behaviors learned during your last iDiet group program
  • Are looking for support from iDieters who have experiences to share

OnTrack Plus is great for people who have already experienced Engage and Advance classes and want more coaching, more discussion, more support.

When: The live meetings occur every Thursday evening at 7:30pm eastern. Recordings will be posted to the library within 24 hours.

How: We will add you to a private forum within the member site, (this is where you already log in to use your weight tracker). This private forum is only accessible to active OnTrack Plus members. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you’ll be removed from this forum and lose access to the conversations and recordings.

Coaching: If you want to volunteer to be coached, use the forum to send us a message before the call with your concern and requesting coaching. There will be a thread for this. If called on, you will be invited on camera for personal coaching. Even if you did not submit a question, you’ll learn so much by watching. Many people learn more by hearing someone else being coached than they do when they are being coached directly.

We also have great discussions during check-in.

And we have weekly discussion topics that vary based on the group’s interests.

We encourage you to volunteer to be coached. If you can’t attend, we can also answer your specific written questions in the meeting for all to have in the recordings.

Recordings: Every video meeting will be automatically recorded, and provided in the forum for you to watch in video format and to download in audio format (for example, to put on your phone like a podcast). Recordings will be posted within 24 hours of the meeting.

Subscribe Here:

We’re excited to have you join us!



S.B. Roberts LLC: DBA Instinct Health Science

Here is a sample of the experience inside OnTrack Plus.

Important: Terms
Please note the Terms below. By registering, you are agreeing to our Terms.

This is a monthly recurring subscription. Meetings will be recorded for member’s use. 

You can email info@theidiet.com to cancel at any time. 


Individuals with eating disorders should obtain their doctor’s approval before applying to this program. Individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can participate in a modified version of the iDiet program that avoids gluten-containing foods. Individuals with digestive problems should obtain the recommendation and consent of their physician before registering. Please ask us if you have concerns before completing your registration.

You Are Agreeing to These Terms:

Your recurring payment will be charged monthly on the day you registered. 

Meetings will be recorded for member’s use. 

OnTrack Plus subscriptions may be terminated by either party at any time.

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