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Questions and Answers:

When does it meet? Our first sessions will be every Thursday night at 7:30pm eastern time. If there is sufficient interest, we will add additional time slots.

What if I can’t make the meeting? All the meetings will be recorded for you to watch or listen to. And you can submit a question in advance via the forum.

What if I decide I’d rather take an Advance class? If you decide you want to take a class in the future, just email us and we’ll cancel your OnTrack Plus renewals so you can register for a class.

How do I cancel? OnTrack Plus auto-renews every 30 days. If you need to cancel, just email us and we’ll cancel your OnTrack Plus renewals.

What happens if I cancel? You’ll lose access to the OnTrack Plus forum and all the recorded meetings. You’ll retain access to any iDiet courses you already took.

What else do I get? You get the forum, the weekly meetings and support, and all our online tools, but this is just the beginning. We’re working on some other ideas to add to OnTrack Plus, but it’s too soon to say what those will be yet. We will also add time slots if there is sufficient interest.

Do I have to turn my camera on like with a regular class? If you want to talk to the GL during the meeting, we ask that you turn on your camera so we can really communicate with you and help you. This is a community of support, so attending with your camera on is a way to show your fellow iDieters you care. Technically, if you are not speaking, you could turn your camera off. However we really do want to see your smiling face 😉

How big will this group be? It’s hard to say because this is new. But note that this is unlike a regular iDiet class. Your GL will be speaking to one person at a time, so it will still be personal.

What is the structure for the meeting? OnTrack Plus is unlike a regular iDiet class. There is no lecture, no prepared slides, and instead of traditional check-in, your GL will be taking individual questions and will have freedom to lead group discussions in the ways that best serve the group. This is in service to your needs, so we will keep evolving it to be as helpful as we can.

What if I need time to think about it? Because OnTrack Plus is now a subscription, you can join at any time. Join on your schedule, not on ours. But we do ask you to join at least 24 hours in advance of a meeting so we can get you properly registered. If you join right before a meeting starts, we might not be able to get you in and you’ll have to wait for the next meeting.

What if I’m in a group class now? You should commit fully to the group you are in, attend every group class Session, and wait until your iDiet class ends before subscribing to OnTrack Plus.

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Important: Terms
Please note the Terms below. By registering, you are agreeing to our Terms.

This is a monthly recurring subscription. Meetings will be recorded for member’s use. 

You can email info@theidiet.com to cancel at any time. 


Individuals with eating disorders should obtain their doctor’s approval before applying to this program. Individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can participate in a modified version of the iDiet program that avoids gluten-containing foods. Individuals with digestive problems should obtain the recommendation and consent of their physician before registering. Please ask us if you have concerns before completing your registration.

You Are Agreeing to These Terms:

Your recurring payment will be charged monthly on the day you registered. 

Meetings will be recorded for member’s use. 

OnTrack Plus subscriptions may be terminated by either party at any time.

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