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  • The iDiet is easy:

    The iDiet is easy:

    No costly prescribed foods, and no counting points or calories. iDieters say: This is a better way of life—not a diet.

  • The iDiet is delicious:

    The iDiet is delicious:

    You learn to love food that is both delicious and supportive of weight loss.

  • The iDiet is welcoming:

    The iDiet is welcoming:

    Whether you like steak or tofu, lasagna or vegetables, ice cream or apples, the iDiet has menu options you’ll love.

  • The iDiet is successful:

    The iDiet is successful:

    This is a real-world, real-food diet. With its established track record, the iDiet offers much higher long-term weight loss than can be expected from popular commercial weight loss programs.

  • The iDiet is about healthy living:

    The iDiet is about healthy living:

    The iDiet is recommended for increasing energy levels, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, reducing aches and pains, preventing Type 2 diabetes and improving blood sugar levels.

  • The iDiet is proven:

    The iDiet is proven:

    The iDiet is based on a solid foundation of 20 years of clinical research, and has been documented in scientific papers such as a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“Perhaps the most comprehensive approach to eating for effective weight loss control.”
Jane E. Brody
- The New York Times

It Doesn’t Feel Like A Diet

As our iDieters will tell you, the iDiet is a new way of eating for life, a program that you stay with because it makes sense… and makes you feel so good!

“I’ve lost weight I’ve had almost my entire life and I’ve become the person I thought I might be, and the iDiet really enabled that.”

lost 50 pounds at midlife
“I have the ability to manage my life and manage my lifestyle and manage my weight. What a release…what a great gift the iDiet program gave me.”
lost 30 pounds in her late 20’s
“I ended up losing 45 lbs! I never thought that I’d see that number again. I was hoping to lose 20 to 30 lbs. But, at 30 pounds I said: ‘I think I can do more.’ And so I just continued on, and it works.”
lost 45 pounds at midlife

What Makes iDiet Effective?

The iDiet is not about individual food choices, or one special “secret”. The iDiet program combines all the most current and effective science for your benefit. All the elements of your delicious, scientifically-balanced meals and snacks work together over time to both satisfy your hunger instincts and prevent unhealthy food cravings. Just eat from hundreds of appetizing recipes and attend the fun group meetings to solidify your healthy new eating habits. And if you don’t cook, don’t worry — the iDiet has lots of “grab and go” simple recipes that require no kitchen skills. 

How Does The iDiet Work?

Your iDiet group meets weekly online (not more than 15 participants), and you also receive useful online tools. Attend your group from anywhere using your computer or tablet. Each live one-hour meeting is led by a certified iDiet Group Leader who presents educational content in a supportive and entertaining format. Sharing the experience leads to a natural group bonding that supports and motivates you. Your Group Leader will guide you to success – checking-in with you and being available for questions and discussions throughout the week. iDieters typically lose 1-2 pounds a week — the maximum healthy rate. Because your habits and cravings change for the better, weight loss can continue as long as you desire after the classes end, enabling lifelong healthy weight management. 

Meet Dr. Roberts

landing_dr susan roberts in kitchenCreated by Susan Roberts, PhD, of Tufts University, the iDiet is based on advanced clinical research and helps dieters change their total approach to food, without hunger and without deprivation.

landing_book the i dietDr. Roberts, author of the groundbreaking book The “I” Diet and more than 200 clinical studies on nutrition and weight loss, decided she had to become a “diet doctor” because she had discovered the secret to lifelong weight loss…and lives transformed.

landing food chicken kebabsDr. Roberts has collapsed her advanced nutrition science down into simple, doable, delicious menus. To succeed on the iDiet, all you have to do is follow the menus. And because Dr. Roberts worked as a chef before her career as a scientist, her iDiet recipes are delicious.

Learn more about iDietDelicious Food here. 

“Other diets kept using my work to publish diet books that I thought were not very helpful. And that led to the realization that I had to pull this science together myself. This diet, the iDiet, is really different.”


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